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Welcome to Malevolent Army, currently guild level 12. We're a leveling/PvE/PvP guild with 6 bank tabs. If you require any information about the game that you cant get someone to answer in game, hopefully we'll have the info on this website, if not post the info needed in the forums and someone will be happy to get back to you as quick as possible. Guid raids are currently once a week, and guild events are twice a week, so there are three activities to take part in with other guild members, of course you may organize HC runs or BG with other members if you wish.

The guild is run by real life friends, so the GM and officers run the guild. We've now merged alliance with the guild 'World in flames' and now have a separate chat channel to talk to their members too (for raid/quest/HC backup if needed). If your under level 60 you will receive free armour repairs, so there are separate ranks for those under lvl 60. If your lvl 60+ you automatically get 'recruiter' rank which means you can then invite members to the guild but you cannot use guild funds for armour repairs (unless tanking for guild raids).

We're a very sociable guild so please if you join try take part in guild conversations as much as possible and be sure to keep checking the guild website regularly. If you are interested in applying then go to our forums and copy and paste the application details, fill it in and simply reply, either that or whisper an officer or GM in the game.

Level 85s are welcome, but preferably looking for minimum average ilvl 338 at this stage for raiding reasons.


Behmen (GM)
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Guild raids starting late January!

Malevolentarmy, Aug 31, 10 1:44 PM.
Cataclysm raids have started! All raid information will be posted in the guild calendar and on the guild website, such as raid meetings and raid events, so be sure to check in game calendar/guild website frequently, if for some reason this isn't up to date, contact us or 'World in flames' in game to get an instant reply. All raids will go ahead unless members back out due to serious situations or server shutdowns interfere, if this is the case then its likely the raid date will be changed to another day (again be sure to check the in-game calendar/guild website if this happens).

If any additional information is required, feel free to whisper raid leaders 'Alpowshaman' or me, 'Behmen'. 

Thanks for reading!

Website account creation

Malevolentarmy, Aug 27, 10 8:07 PM.
If you wish to take part in forum posting such as general chat with other members or suggestions for guild improvements, then simply go to our homepage and at the top of the website it will ask you to log in, next to this it will say "New user?" click that link and make a free website account. No one has access to anyones details and when creating an account, no real life details are needed, just in game character name as your username if you wish.

Thankyou for visiting and we look forward to seeing your feedback!


Interests and questions

Malevolentarmy, Aug 27, 10 6:24 PM.
Here is where common questions asked by members of the guild will be posted and answered, if any problems occur try visiting Thottbot, a useful WoW search engine.

Q1. Why are guildies kept at rank Member/Veteran until reaching level 60?

A. We give free armour repairs to all guild members under level 60 with our guild funds, our rank system does this by granting all members access to armour repairs with guild funds with ranks Member/Veteran. At level 60 we automatically promote you to 'Recruiter', this is because armour repairs are too expensive from here onwards, but the benefit of this rank is that it allows all members with this rank to recruit members to the guild.

Q2. Why can't I withdraw from certain tabs of the guild bank?

A. Some tabs contain much more pricey items, therefore the only players that has the ability to withdraw are the officers. You are still aloud to have an item if you need it, just ask an officer to take it out of the bank for you and they'll be happy to send it to you through mail as soon as they get the chance.

Q3. How do I know where to find the Cataclysm dungeons?

A. If there's a guild member online that has the time, they will be more than happy to show you where to find certain dungeons, if not then you can find the locations of all Cataclysm dungeons at Wowhead

If any additional information is required, feel free to ask an officer of the guild and they'll be more than happy to help.

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